I will NOT be going for a massage today (even tho I need one)

Seriously, I’ve been let down too many times to count, at this point.   I don’t have a regular massage person, nor have any friends’  recommendations been of any use.   Mostly, I find it just a nice way to blow through my cash, without much gain.   Don’t get me wrong, of course I […]

coffee donations accepted

Clear enough??

where have all the punchbuggies gone??

VW bugs. And the 90s ones.   WHERE??? NOW????

I’ve Found Oodles of Blogs That Just Peter Off…

It’s true. In my search for interesting writing, I’ve found more than a few blogs that just…   STOP   But is it ever sudden? It seems the bloggers doing this are either: -depressed -getting a new job -hate blogging -had a million dollar blogging plan in 90 days that didn’t quite pan out after […]

Making Time For Life

who even does this anymore?   life, a multi-tasking blur   meditate? nah, I’ll   take my experiences   ninety at a time,   focus a blur,   giving nothing   my full attention.   (not MY mantra, trust me people)   DaySpaGirl, Signing Off


The Sears Roebuck Catalog.   A fixture in the annals of Americana.  J:{|   Now, the stores are going, too?  🙁

Cali Law FORCING Women on Boards Not Necessary

We women have been climbing the ladder since we’ve been permitted to.   Why this unnecessary move to mock the real accomplishments of women who have made it onto the boards without being brought in as an official token-woman?   Of course, the intentions behind this are good, as always, but forcing women into every […]

Don’t Go Wasting Your Emoticons, Save All Your Emojis For Me!

Readers, respond with cool emojis.   Pweeease? lol  =^-^=

“Anne”, Please Stop Calling My Cell Phone

“Anne” is an alias. Anne is really a computerized calling program. Anne always sounds so happy to call, but she always says the same exact thing.   You’d think with AI, these companies would vary it a little, maybe??   “Hi, this is Anne.” (Click for another happy person called by uber-sociable “Anne!”)   Signing […]

Please Do Not Stay In Reading Blogs On This Fine Afternoon

Title says it all.   Directed at myself, as well as any readers wise enough to realize that autumn is upon us, and we’d better be outside on every sunny day ’til  Halloween.   Really, it’s soooo nice out. Don’t waste the day, reader! Pick up reading my rantings later!