Chef Ramsay and The Restaurant Owners’ Reactions


Chef Ramsey
Chef Ramsey

Chef Ramsay is mean. Sometimes, I feel he’s needlessly so.

But I did notice one thing: Whenever he’s about to say something good,the chef/owner/manager is usually self-effacing and humble, reading to learn and listen.


The ppl he claims make dog food? Aggressive before Chef Ramsay even speaks, and cannot take criticism.


Something deeper: The masters are humble and the clowns and proud.


The Masters want to learn and improve, have humility and not pride, and care most about the diners’ experience.


I learned a LOT.

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  1. very insightful observation

    all from a cooking show on tv haha

    never thought of it but ur right


    so when u walk in and the ppl are like arrogant, time to bounce

  2. Yes, that’s the idea. Leave. Don’t eat. It’d not going to be enjoyable.

    Then there’s monkey business with menu items changing prices.

    Chef Ramsy doesn’t cover that.

    But it happens every day. And credit card overcharges are hard to fight.

    Also if the placesmells rotten, that means it is a dirty restaurant. No place to eat should smell like garbage, a toilet, $#!+, or puke. No rotty smells. Only fresh food and smiling faces.

  3. Nah…he’s just a clown. There’s absolutely no reason to talk to anyone like that, but the viewers eat it up. Help someone by yelling at them? Nah…this isn’t Marines bootcamp. Get real. It’s lame, and isn’t so entertaining.

  4. Wow, I’m getting texts that I have activity on here? Why now?

    All within ten minutes?

    Just wondering. Seems slightly unusual.

    Is Chef Ramsey about to launch a new show? Hmm.

    BTW, I do not agree that Chef Ramsey is an ogre, or anything like that. My point was, he’s rude to those who ARE rude, and also happen to suck at running a successful restaurant and preparing edible food.

    Think commenter missed the point…………

  5. In other words, it isn’t about Chef Ramsey at all, but rather an observation I made about Mastery while watching clips on YouTube from his show. -DaySpaGirl

  6. Oh, and Ashlee, I agree. Restaurants should smell like fresh food. Even seafood restaurants should not smell fishy. I love the smell of freshly baked bread…yummy!

  7. [06/20/19 – 10:05 AM]
    Gordon Ramsay Serves Up Adventure in New Culinary Expedition Series “Gordon Ramsay: Uncharted”
    The multi-Michelin-star chef and Ironman athlete embarks on a new exhilarating adventure around the globe beginning Sunday, July 21 at 10:00/9:00c.
    [via press release from National Geographic Channel]

  8. I’d actually give this a try and watch it. Different format,maybe the guy was just forced into that lame role by producers. It looks to show him as more than just that “Drill Seargent” carictiture.

    Oh, and who am I? Someone who looked up Chef Ramsay just an hour ago b/c I read the news. Do you live under a rock? It’s been all over the internet. Click on my username in this feedback and it goes to an article about chef Ramsey.

    Better question is, Who are You? “Day Spa Girl” your blog is not so hot. Sorry. Hope you aren’t planning on banking on this.

    Also, it’s Chef RAMSAY not Chef Ramsey. Have a nice day. *snark*

  9. Oh, wow, you’re actually correct, Jeff!

    It IS Chef Ramsay. OMG, I have to fix that. No offense intended! Spelling is not my forte.

    Do stop in more with your wonderful, and informative, comments, Jeff. 😛

  10. Only boredom compels me to post. This blog sucks. Listen snowflake, face it. No one cares about your blog or your day at the spa.

    Their just here for the news because you have something posted about Chef Ramsay.

    It’s not attention directed at YOU dear. Don’t get a hot head.

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