Does Anyone Drink Soda Anymore?

I have to admit, I used to drink diet soda.

I drink water now, not b/c it’s fashionable (which it seems to be, b/c of health connotations) but because over time, soda stopped tasting so good.

Once upon a time, I’d have my lunchtime Cuban sandwich with a Diet Sunkist Orange soda. Almost every day.


I prefer filtered water, R/O. Reverse Osmosis water just tastes better. I once was offered a drink from a local spring. It ws warm, and I dislike warm water, so to me it was gross, but…Dasani is a good choice when you’re on-the-go.

YES- It’s just filtered tap water, but that’s what I’ve found is best. I mean, municipal water is ALREADY filtered, why start with creek water??

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  1. Are you serious?

    I would no sooner give up soda than I would use of my feet. Soda is what I live for.

    You can joke my dentist lives for this too blah blah blah but really I have had only two cavities per year ever!!!!

  2. That’s a lot of excitement about a soda drink, there, girl.Who knew pop could be so enthralling.Guess you can’t say these younger kids don’t appreciate the details in life! lol

  3. DIET SODA SUCKS ANYWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Drink the real Coca Cola made in Mexico with the sugar, not American corn syrup, for really GOOD soda. And, rumour has it that they also use more COCA flavourings….Explains why Grandmother always gets a six pack then cleans for two days. Where I live we only get the American kind but when we visit the States I drink the Mexican soda.๐ŸŒด๐Ÿฆ•

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