The Disappearing Yellow Cab [The Gig Economy Part 1]

Anyone here from NYC, work in NYC, or vacation in NYC?

I’ve noticed there are few yellow cabs.

It used to be, one in three. No more.

Now, Uber and Lyft EVERYwhere.

I’m not into either; I prefer subways, buses, driving, getting a lift, or walking.

I also notice these Lyft and Uber drivers drive slowly and carefully.  What a contrast!

No races off the line at the green light signal. The Indy Fifth Avenue is officially in the past. No raised fists and multi-ethnic cursing.

Manhattan seems very peaceful and tame now. I…guess…this is a good thing? lol Surely, it’s better not to have cabs barrelling down the streets full throttle, pedal to the metal. It just seems a lot less NYC without all the yellow. 🙁


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  1. Well, cabs were part of the fabric of NYC culture, for good or for bad. Kind of like crackheads when we were wee little kids, except that was all for the bad.

    Now, that sad scene has been gone for a while and I know no one waxes nostalgic about missing watching so many people destroyed by crack cocaine.

    And, cabs are different…they aren’t all bad.

    I actually prefer the car services in the outer boros…

    Or black car service to the airport….

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