Why “DaySpaGirl” As A Name For My Blog Site??

Actually, I chose it because it was precisely $7,7,77 dollars to purchase, and I like that number; it seemed “auspicious” and had good Feng Shui. Did I get “robbed?” I’d like to think I actually got a good deal because DaySpaGirl was my first choice, anyway.


haha Just kidding about the “auspicious price.” I was actually raised to seek out sales. I think it’s in my blood. A genetic thing. My parents were and are perennial deal seekers, though they surely had no need bargain and lowball, other than an strong desire to NOT get “rooked”.


Besides, DaySpaGirl sounded better than RandomMusingsFromMyLife.com




Well, I now have the name I wanted, so I’m happy. 😀

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