OPI Fall Colors 2018

OPI Fall Colors 2018. Check out this incredible shade!!!!!!!!!!! Turn on the Northern Lights “This mesmerizing blue-purple from the OPI Iceland collection is making a statement this fall.” (OPI Blog)


Am I even capable of philosophical thought anymore? lol Usually, “there’s an  app for that.”  This is our new way of life!   I think it’s making us all mushy-in-the-mind. I’m no phone addict, but then there’s also that…   Are we doomed to eventually only do stuff via app, anything else,  just forgotten, too […]

Ever Feel Like U Wanna Break Thru To The NeXt Lvl?!?!?!

Know what I mean?? Whatever it is you DO do, do you want to do it better?   I know I do. No; this isn’t an ad for a self-help book. :\

Toys “Я” Us: Gone. Sears: On Its Way Out. Going Next: ??

I miss the good ‘ole days of shopping in Toys Я Us with my family.

Nail Polish Is NOT Healthy to Inhale

Please, girls, use proper ventilation.   In your room? Open ALL the windows.   …before you begin.   Turn on your air purifier.   Re-cap polish bottles after you use them.   Added benefit? No spills on the new rug you begged your parents for. 😀

Speaking of blogs just petering out…

And so I succumb to the first of the bloggers’ pitfalls.   What can I say? Had I HAD a massage, all would have been well.   Back to that issue…   There certainly ARE excellent therapists; it’s just that I rarely happen upon them, and they’re usually in the area for ONE last week, […]

I will NOT be going for a massage today (even tho I need one)

Seriously, I’ve been let down too many times to count, at this point.   I don’t have a regular massage person, nor have any friends’  recommendations been of any use.   Mostly, I find it just a nice way to blow through my cash, without much gain.   Don’t get me wrong, of course I […]

coffee donations accepted

Clear enough??

where have all the punchbuggies gone??

VW bugs. And the 90s ones.   WHERE??? NOW????

I’ve Found Oodles of Blogs That Just Peter Off…

It’s true. In my search for interesting writing, I’ve found more than a few blogs that just…   STOP   But is it ever sudden? It seems the bloggers doing this are either: -depressed -getting a new job -hate blogging -had a million dollar blogging plan in 90 days that didn’t quite pan out after […]