It’s not so easy keeping a blog. Is it now?

I was soooo excited about the emojis. But then, I didn’t post again.   Life has been hectic. I’m sure your was, too.

I’ve Just Added The Category “Blog Entries” To My Blog!!

OK; WordPress started with “Uncategorized” as the default.   That’s kind of boring and nondescript.   I think it’s better now.Β  πŸ₯§πŸ₯§   I mean, these are BLOG ENTRIES, so what else could I have chosen?

I’ve Just Added EMOJIs To My DaySpaGirl Blog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


European Tradition Of Hot Sauna Has PROVEN Health Benefits

According to research, Saunas are amazing and help with both cardiac health and protect against dementia. Of course, we all knew that the Sauna is calming; no need for a study on that.Β  Buuuut, there are studies on just that, all the same. Easy doctoral dissertation topic, no? πŸ€“ Read more Here on Bustle.  

How Disappointed Are You When You Actually Find My Blog Has Only Like Ten Posts?

Well, let’s be honest. There’s not yet much to even find. But I do see commenters from time to time, and WordPress shows these meager posts actually get a few views. Where are these people coming from? Would I bother clicking a link to get here? Would I feel let-down? What, with the cool logo […]

Fleece Vests? New Office Uniform? I’ll Crawl Back Under My Rock Now

Fashion at work.    

Chef Ramsay and The Restaurant Owners’ Reactions

  Chef Ramsay is mean. Sometimes, I feel he’s needlessly so. But I did notice one thing: Whenever he’s about to say something good,the chef/owner/manager is usually self-effacing and humble, reading to learn and listen.   The ppl he claims make dog food? Aggressive before Chef Ramsay even speaks, and cannot take criticism.   Something […]

And So THAT’S Why Blogs Die

I’ve been busy.   Extremely busy.   Blogging just wasn’t a priority.Β  I had much more important things to deal with.   I suppose I don’t get the “Real Bloggers’ Badge of Honor”Β  now?   πŸ™


According to aΒ  recent Times article, Kit Kat bars are a serious craze in Japan, with dozen ofΒ  odd and off-beat flavours, some only available in certain places and certain times. “Only the fanciest bars are devised by Takagi, made with higher-grade chocolates and other ingredients, like dehydrated seasonal fruits, and sold in Kit Kat […]

Does Anyone Drink Soda Anymore?

I have to admit, I used to drink diet soda. I drink water now, not b/c it’s fashionable (which it seems to be, b/c of health connotations) but because over time, soda stopped tasting so good. Once upon a time, I’d have my lunchtime Cuban sandwich with a Diet Sunkist Orange soda. Almost every day. […]