According to a  recent Times article, Kit Kat bars are a serious craze in Japan, with dozen of  odd and off-beat flavours, some only available in certain places and certain times. “Only the fanciest bars are devised by Takagi, made with higher-grade chocolates and other ingredients, like dehydrated seasonal fruits, and sold in Kit Kat […]

Does Anyone Drink Soda Anymore?

I have to admit, I used to drink diet soda. I drink water now, not b/c it’s fashionable (which it seems to be, b/c of health connotations) but because over time, soda stopped tasting so good. Once upon a time, I’d have my lunchtime Cuban sandwich with a Diet Sunkist Orange soda. Almost every day. […]

The Disappearing Yellow Cab [The Gig Economy Part 1]

Anyone here from NYC, work in NYC, or vacation in NYC? I’ve noticed there are few yellow cabs. It used to be, one in three. No more. Now, Uber and Lyft EVERYwhere. I’m not into either; I prefer subways, buses, driving, getting a lift, or walking. I also notice these Lyft and Uber drivers drive […]

Do You Paint or Draw? If So, Let Me Know!

I USED to. Do you currently?   Let me know!   Share what you like to draw. Provide a portfolio link if u want!  

Old Photos of Strangers Evoke Feelings of Nostalgia

Do you also like looking at old photos and feeling the time-frame and people of the past? It’s an amazing experience that awes the mind and soul. America has been sooo many places over the centuries! Incredible! I find old photos incredible windows into the past, often into the lives of people long gone and […]

OPI Fall Colors 2018

OPI Fall Colors 2018. Check out this incredible shade!!!!!!!!!!! Turn on the Northern Lights “This mesmerizing blue-purple from the OPI Iceland collection is making a statement this fall.” (OPI Blog)


Am I even capable of philosophical thought anymore? lol Usually, “there’s an  app for that.”  This is our new way of life!   I think it’s making us all mushy-in-the-mind. I’m no phone addict, but then there’s also that…   Are we doomed to eventually only do stuff via app, anything else,  just forgotten, too […]

Ever Feel Like U Wanna Break Thru To The NeXt Lvl?!?!?!

Know what I mean?? Whatever it is you DO do, do you want to do it better?   I know I do. No; this isn’t an ad for a self-help book. :\

Toys “Я” Us: Gone. Sears: On Its Way Out. Going Next: ??

I miss the good ‘ole days of shopping in Toys Я Us with my family.

Nail Polish Is NOT Healthy to Inhale

Please, girls, use proper ventilation.   In your room? Open ALL the windows.   …before you begin.   Turn on your air purifier.   Re-cap polish bottles after you use them.   Added benefit? No spills on the new rug you begged your parents for. 😀