Cali Law FORCING Women on Boards Not Necessary

We women have been climbing the ladder since we’ve been permitted to.


Why this unnecessary move to mock the real accomplishments of women who have made it onto the boards without being brought in as an official token-woman?


Of course, the intentions behind this are good, as always, but forcing women into every public space seems like over-reach. Equality through merit, I always say. (Or at least now I will, I promise!)


Women can make it; women can displace men, even; women can win…all without a single cheat or break.


This legislation just makes us all unconsciously believe women NEED a hand to make it to the board of directors. Sooooo demeaning.

As Experts Predict A Second ‘Year Of The Woman,’ Female Candidates In California Set Record: See??  No One Needs Your Help!!!!

Women will be required on corporate boards in California, new landmark law says

Signing Out, The DaySpaGIRL 😛

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