First Post. Why You SHOULD Read This…

Hello world. Wait. Isn’t that what WordPress has as a default? Oh well, trying to be myself and I sound as generic as can be! lol


Anywaaaaaaaaay…this blog will be dedicated to one topic and one topic only: Life.


There you have it. This is about the crux of what I will be writing about, I kid you not. I know that’s a bit broad, but hold on to your tablets and see what the actual articles and entries look like before you deem this “just another worthless blog.”


I assure you, it will NOT be.  Well, the blog will BE, as in exist, but it will not be worthless. Rather, I intend to keep things light, yet detail-oriented, and share my experiences and feelings about wellness, relationships and dating, work and career, and growing orchids.

Of course, if I didn’t touch on heady topics such as politics and religion, most of you would be perfectly A-OK. Soooo…we’ll keep it like that. Nothing that can lead to higher blood pressure-causing debates.

And movies and music and entertainment….nah. That is boring…and everywhere you look, anyway.

What DaySpaGirl.Com WILL be is  fun, fun, fun…and learning. (NOT mutually exclusive!)

Signing Out, The Day Spa Girl 😛

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